Cracks In Cinder Block Walls can be the reason of a Leaky Basement

Cinder block foundation walls can be troublesome for homeowners if the home hasn't been protected with the best basement proofing measure by professional waterproofing company in India. Rainy weather combined with an older home produces a less than ideal situation that may lead to a leaky basement. Since there are more points of weakness in a cinder block wall foundation, they could be more troublesome than the usual poured concrete foundation. In advanced cases, the harm to the cinder block wall can be so bad that the walls start to bow inward, maybe even to the point of total collapse in a severe case. These extreme situations are more common than you could imagine so we recommend taking action at the very first signs of cracking.
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Mortar joint cracks: Hairline stair-step looking cracks in older cinder block walls are probably the most common kind of damage. This really is primarily due to lateral soil pressure around the inspiration because of excess moisture or compromised foundation footing. if you apply best waterproofing products with the assistance of pro waterproofing company inIndia, you will get protection against further collapse.

Horizontal crack: Thick, horizontal cracks that stretch across large portions of one's basement walls generally point to serious structural issues. More frequently than not, they are associated with inward bowing of the middle percentage of the walls. Now, the structural integrity of one's foundation is compromised and you should seek the aid of a professional service like a basement waterproofing, terrace waterproofing or damp proofing.

In both these cases, it is common, or even inevitable that water seepage is occurring. You may also be seeing pests entering your home through the cracks. A leaky basement, caused by cracks in your foundation is certainly an undesirable situation and can only just be stopped if given the correct attention. When you yourself have an issue in regards to the structural health of your foundation walls, don't hesitate to contact WATERTITE, one of the best waterproofing company in India to evaluate your condition. Contact usnow for more information.


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