Tips and tricks to weather shield a home.

Any type of seepage into walls is sufficient to damage any type of construction. When there is something that you might want to take extra precautionary measure against is any type of dampness or moisture. Potentially it could corrode the steel framework which can be the backbone of any standing structure. Proper weather-proofing from professional waterproofing company in India is the main element to shield the effectiveness of any construction. Not only you need effective terrace waterproofing, what you need is an effective solution to defend your home from being demolished by water seepage issues.

Always consult a qualified engineer from experienced waterproofing company in India to make sure proper basement, home and terrace waterproofing techniques are followed during and following the construction of the house.

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While constructing a residence you will find 3 primary areas that must require a weather shield:

Basement: Both external and internal waterproofing is needed for a basement. External waterproofing is a lot more advisable throughout the construction phase because of it to become more effective basement waterproofing. Alongside some specialized compounds, Kota stone, and bitumen are quite frequently employed for external waterproofing.

Terrace: One of the very most exposed areas could be the terraces which require plenty of attention as in regard to terrace waterproofing. Rainwater or even a water tank leak not merely spoils the terrace flooring, however, additionally seeps through the roof, therefore, it becomes much more crucial that you apply weather shield this area by utilizing good terrace waterproofing framework from professional waterproofing company in India like WATERTITE.

Sunken areas: Sunken areas include washrooms and kitchens which frequently has water presence because of the water pipe network under the floor. Any type of seepage in this region could be damaging to the construction. Make sure your hired waterproofing company is using best waterproofing products to guard this area!

WATERTITE is one of the best waterproofing company in India and our waterproofing products have the power to solve your any issue regarding water seepage problem. We have a diverse happy client and want to add your name to that list as well. So if you are facing issue with basement waterproofing, damp proofing or terrace waterproofing, don't worry, we are here. Contact us now and get yourself a healthy and happy home!


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